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Covid-19 Plans & Protocols

Maricopa County recommends that schools establish a policy of face coverings. It states that:


  • All students, staff and visitors must wear face coverings. 

  • Wear face coverings when inside school buildings, anywhere on school grounds, and at school related activities, whether indoor or outdoor.

  • The face covering must cover both the nose and mouth. Always keep it in place. Students and staff should not touch the eyes, nose, or mouth when removing or adjusting a face covering.

  • Wash hands or use hand sanitizer immediately after removing or adjusting the face covering.

  • Share guidance and information with staff, students, and families on the proper use, wearing, removal, and cleaning of cloth face coverings, such as CDC's guidance on wearing and removing cloth face masks and CDC’s use of cloth face coverings.

   Download Document here

Li'l Sprouts COVID-19 Plans

Li'l Sprouts Montessori School is following all safety mandates put in place via the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and Arizona Health Department (AZDH).


These recommendations have been taken into consideration to make it as feasible and practical to our school community.


The health and safety of our staff and their families, and students and families remain our top priority. All rules, restrictions, guidelines and the health/wellness and illness policy will be strictly enforced in keeping with this priority.

Read our full policy and plans for school when we reopen in August.

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