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Classes are still on during COVID-19

It's been awhile, and many have wondered if Li'l Sprouts has closed due to the Coronavirus pandemic. We asked parents, and most of them wanted their children to have some activity during this period, and we came up with a solution!

Not just 'Zoom' --which is what many organizations have turned to-- but Zoom Plus weekly activity packets. Since March, each Monday, parents are asked to pick up a customized work packet for the week at the front door. Then, on Mon, Wed and Fri I host a Zoom conference and guide the children through what they could work on.

That's not all. I read them a story, ask them if they like to present something, and that way they have a connection with the school, and vice versa! The best part is, even though 'distance learning' may not seem exactly compatible with a hands-on program like Montessori, it works.


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